Should You Buy Nintendo Switch OR Wii U?



Is The Nintendo Switch Worth It? Should You Still Buy A Wii U? Should You Buy A Nintendo Switch OR A Wii U? Hopefully this video will help you decide which system is best for you right now, as I talk more about the Wii U and some of my theories surrounding the Switch.


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About WoodGameQuest

Wood's parents bought an NES at the same time he was born and for as long as he can remember he grew up playing it and loving every moment of it. Ever since then his love for Nintendo and Gaming has reached no limit and now he is an avid video game collector. In 2010 his love for gaming grew to the YouTube community of gamers, who's weekly videos drove him to start his own channel in early 2013. His YouTube channel revolves around his show ''The Game Quest'' in which the viewer follows Wood and his friends around markets, garage sales and shops in Australia on the search for new and retro games. Success spread quickly as other YouTubers reached out to lend him a hand in getting his name out there, to which he is very grateful. Wood spends most of his time these days game hunting, editing videos and gaming, but you might also catch him checking out a local music gig, going for a run or standing in a line waiting for the next big game to hit shelves. To watch Wood hunt for retro games, give his opinion on things or to just marvel at his glorious hair, visit his YouTube channel Favorite Retro Systems: GameCube, NES Favorite New System: Xbox 360 Favorite Retro Games: The Legend Of Zelda Series, Manic Mansion, Lost Kingoms 2, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry Favorite New Games: The Walking Dead (Telltale), Last Of Us, GTA V, Bioshock Infinite, Gears Of War 2
  • lstyoot

    I for one i’m not getting any of them but here’s they way I put it. If don’t have and ps4 or x-box 0ne wand what to a game like watch dogs the the WII U version is good back-up; but no Blu-ray, no backwards compatibly with disk games, and giving nintendo’s trak recode I say no to the switch even if you are an Nintendo Fan.