Sega To Announce New Console At E3?



Is Sega about to blow our minds at this up coming E3 in June? Are they about to bring new life to a video game industry that desperately needs something new and innovative? According to a few rumors that have been circulating around the web recently, it seems as if Sega is about to jump back into the ring and contend yet again with another console.

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  • Kuroto

    The question is, if Sega releases a new console, will it have blast processing?

    • I think the gaming industry could use some blast processing!

    • trashboy

      LOL. Hopefully they still do what Nintendon’t. 🙂

  • Lekarz Pieprcz

    your microphone looks expensive! I’d love to play a new Sega console. It’s a really exciting time for consoles with barmy things like the 3DS and inexpensive small games available. I haven’t been able to buy a console since the PS2 and NDS. There’s that Ouya or whatever it’s called and that’s exciting too. As I get older I don’t play games all that much but I still follow the market and enjoy the occassional blast of something or other, I played Virtua Tennis 4 today in Career mode which is quite cool. Sorry for writing so much. I agree that the SNES was better than the Genesis/Mega Drive. I love Sega so much, even if just for a quick go on Sonic or Alex Kidd.

    • Thank you! I own a home studio, so I have some great recording gear. I think we all, as gamers, miss that awesome Sega experience. And you can’t beat those classic Sega games, or the awesome arcade type games that Sega excels at making.

    • Shawn

      I’m on the same line as you except I bought the ps2, 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and since I was at it I grabbed the Wii and Wii U. Played each of them about 6 or 7 times lol. But I’d rather have them on hand then to wait. I think I’m a console hoarder

  • Hmm.. The year was 2009… (I think, it was far before Sonic Colors) we had a podcast about it… SEGA to re-enter the hardware market…

    1. DO NOT release console for a few years.
    2. Release a small limited release product, learn the NEW GAME MARKET
    3. Re-Enter the hardware of the gaming market.

    Well, here is the podcast that ‘bookmarked’ while many was just whispering.

    EVERYTHING I thought back then (except for a few thoughts) are in that podcast. Is this a dream come true for this dying man (me)? PLEASE let it be.

    Right before the last Killer Instinct. I can die happy.

  • Ito Ramos

    I love SEGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! and I will argue the Genesis was way better why because SEGA DOES what nintenDON’T !

  • Justin Powell

    Do people forget the sega and Nintendo deal just from this last week? You would think that, that deal would not have happened if sega had a console coming up.

    • George Arthur

      Yes Nintendo possibly gave SEGA a LOT of money for Sonic exclusivity! On another note SEGA is holding an art contest to create a new mascot. If they are replacing Sonic is it possible they even sold Sonic to Nintendo?

    • Ronaldo Chambers

      petition for sega to possibly make a dreamcast 2
      Reply ·

  • Don’t toy with me

  • wank

    sega was always way a head of its time when the released consoles

    • Raichu

      nintendo is doing that from now

  • OUTraged

    Don’t see how. They aren’t even their own company anymore. They were bought out YEARS ago. They got nothing to bring to the table. The System alone would need to be Blue-ray to start with, it’d basically would have to be just as good as the ps3 or better if they plan on surviving. This isn’t the 90s anymore…there isn’t much of a “Console War” anymore….

    • Unfortunately it seems that there really is no console war. And I think that the consumers would benefit from another console war similar to the one between Nintendo and Sega in the 90’s. Competition like that always seems to bring out the best in everybody..

  • Razor792

    Sega re-entering the hardware market would be so epic!

  • Lancep2012

    Will I don’t think it’s true but the rumors of Dreamcast 2 and what it may have or don’t have; but I don’t see it coming out

  • Jason

    Dreamin, ain’t happening.

  • It would be so nice if this does happen, as what the industry really needs is more competition to keep the current players honest (Microsoft seem to think they can release anything, and cross many privacy lines and people will still buy it).
    Plus innovation has been stifled by EA buying most of the studios now (and shutting a hell of a lot of teams down).
    Both XBox Live and PSN have too many barriers to true indie developers being able to release games.
    It will be interesting to see how the release of the Ouya goes and whether some new interesting games will come out for it.

    • This is one of the more well thought out responses to my video, as opposed to some of the trash comments that have been thrown my way for whatever reason. Anyway, I completely agree with you. My thinking behind this video is that there’s always a possibility of Sega somehow coming back.. whether it be a console, arcade board, or maybe even a cloud service for their games.

      Although I focused mainly on the topic of a possible console, I don’t want to rule out any other of the possibilities. People seem to think that I have all the answers on this topic, whereas I just decided to make a quick video to show that I’d love to see Sega come back in full force (not likely) based on an image I’ve seen floating around some forums.

      Who knows.. We’ll just have to wait it out until E3.

  • Simo Karvinen

    That is Sega’s new Graphic engine 😀

  • SPac316

    No, it won’t happen. Don’t get your hopes up.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Fake. This is obviously fake. Sega would never release another console. Not in a million years.

  • Quast

    أعتقد إنه جهاز مثل
    Vita – 3DS

  • Mike Levy

    Justin hit the nail on the head.

  • Jayy Blackheart

    If Sega ends up bringing out a console then i think it will be great, Even if its not to compete with Nintendo then it would be released for Fan Service to Give us something One More Time which 2nd chances dont usually come about often from companies after they end up messing up… But i also hope if this comes about that they have learned from they’re mistakes and can let all of they’re series reemerge for the New Generation and bring out they’re IPS like VIrtua Fighter, Eternal Champions, Ristar, Shining Force, and maybe even sequals to games like Sonic and Knuckles… Theres plenty of potential should Sega do this, but if not then i say dont let it go to waste but let Nintendo utilize those series to take on Sony and Microsoft and give us a good time either way…

    So heres to Hoping that Sega does whats right for once if they dont do nothing else. -Jayy Blackheart-

  • I don’t think Sega would launch a Sonic game exclusively to Nintendo if they had their own console coming out. That ship sailed long ago and I’m sure they’re okay with that.

  • Nicholas Nelson
  • LordClydeofOMAR .

    The only way “Sega” would ever make a new console is if Apple decided to buy it out in order to use the name recognition as a means of dealing a decisive blow to microsoft by eliminating them from the console market.

  • Scientific Theory

    Sega doesn’t have the money for the servers necessary to compete with Microsoft and Sony. There will no more consoles after this generation, it will all be on the cloud. So consoles will not be as important as servers and integrating online services with apps for your flat screen TV like an XBOX live or Sony app on your TV.

  • lolman

    please please please release a console!! i will buy 10 of those!

  • Lancep2013

    I don’t believe Sega will ever make an new console; since I have no plans to buy WII U I hope Sonic Lost Worlds comes to PS4. I have go ton any of Sega’s newer PC games like Sonic Generations because of that piece of shit called Stream.

  • darkprophecy1985

    Would love to see sega come back. For those of you who don’t think sega could make it think again. for starters imagine the online store full of everything from Arcade hits and diffrent titles from the master system up to the Dreamcast.
    Sega could even take online by storm by doing cross platform gaming like they did with the Dreamcast. aa lot of you say sega is broke awful funny that they just bought out another third party developer.many new exclusive could be released for the system as in a new Streets of Rage, vector man, kid chameleon, Phantasy Star, shenmue, shinobi, the list goes on. If they manage to get major 3rd party support along with this I see sega a success. not to mention sega has always been inovative in whatever they were doing and always trying to bring something new to the table. of course a lot of you new school gamers are not going to understand what I’m saying but for all of you who grew up in the 16 bit era know exactly what I’m talking about.

  • Guest

    i wish they would come back i hate that Piece of shit playstation 4 an the Xbox shit one sadly they will not come back maybe one day they might

  • Guest

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  • JAY W

    we Really Need a SEGA!! comeback i am sick an tired of these Boring piece of shit Playstation systems that all play the same old games an pretty much do nothing different other then the slightly better graphics who cares an further more all the games are exactlly the same either fighter Games an shooters thats it its getting fucking old an played out an boring sony. there is no interacting type Games an really cool fighters an other titles that have the arcade feel an sega cd interactive quality just like watching a movie somthin sony can not do nor the
    boring plastic X box shit one. yes sega please come back an clean House