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Basic Fun COLOR Pac Man MiniCade!

Released in July (2017) by Bridge Direct under the Basic Fun label, this is a updated version of their original Pac Man MiniCade release in 2016.  Number 07 in the Arcade Series! As with the first release, there are two …

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Nintendo VHS Promo Restoration! Zelda Majora’s Mask & Banjo-Tooie – H4G

Hard4Games restores Nintendo’s VHS promotional video of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask & Banjo-Tooie. Released in the year 2000, the video features a special offer from Toys “R” Us. Skip to 2:22 to view the promo video. JOIN US …

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Frogger MiniCade from Basic Fun!

Released by Basic Fun ( in July of this year (2017)  this little minicade does a somewhat decent job at representing the arcade game frogger in a small low cost tabletop game. Just as in the other minicades, there is …

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8 Games That COULD Have Been Great – WHY did they MESS it up?!

Kinsey & Metal Jesus show some of the games that were ALMOST great… they just needed a few tweaks! GAMES SHOWN: PaRappa The Rapper (PS1) Mad Maestro! (PS2) Auto Modellista (PS2) Need for Speed: The Run (PS3/X360) Dark Cloud (PS2) …

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Uncanny X-Men (NES) – LJN Defender

  Subscribe for great justice! ► The Uncanny X-Men is the first video game based on Marvel Comics’ iconic mutants and it’s generally considered to be a gigantic garbage fire. Released in 1989 and developed by a mystery studio …

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Destiny 2 Beta First Impressions | GaminTank

I had some time to play the Destiny 2 Beta. Is it a good sign of what’s to come or is it just another expansion? ♦Check out my YouTube Channel – ♦Follow me! Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: …

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