Forgotten FPS Games – Part 2



Not every series of first person shooters gets a proper sequel like Call of Duty or Halo. Instead some FPS games come on the market, maybe get a sequel if we’re lucky and then sadly fade into the sunset. This week these 7 unloved FPS gems get one last glance from fans of the genre.

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The Metal Jesus is a long-haired rocker dude who used to work in the video game industry back in the 90′s at Sierra On-Line (publisher of PC classics like Quest for Glory, King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and much more). Later he was the editor of a professional video game review web site, and dabbled in audio & video production. He loves music and video games with a passion!
  • Great list of games Jason. There are so many great FPS out there that have been overlooked. Blood does look a lot like Duke Nukem. Black looks pretty interesting too.

  • SHOGO was an AMAZING game. I am really glad I owned it back when it first came out. For some reason it never received any attention. You could probably ask 100 gamers today what SHOGO was and 99 of them would say they have never heard of it.