Dreamcast 2: Fact or Fiction? – RetroGamingTube 85


If you’ve been on social media lately, you may have seen stories popping up about the Dreamcast 2 being an actual thing. For some reason, a lot of people are starting to believe this story. So it’s now time to find out just how legit this is!

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  • Steve wolf

    Sorry if it gets long

    I 2 am not an big believer of an Dreamcast 2 or any new SEGA system coming in 2016.May be E3 2019 will have more compete info. Do partly my view of DRM and the idea of the steam OS. I don’t count the steam boxes as Game Consoles or PCs. Because of it’s time I do fell it wound have been better off if it had an DVD-ROM Drive in it out of the box and more 3rd party game support. I don’t count the CD-R issue an Dreamcast killer since look at what it has allowed it do. Gunlord, Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs The Game, and more.

  • MaximumRD

    Project Dream – nothing more then rabid fan(s) pretending they are more than what they are. They have no pull, no connections and Sega are NOT releasing a Dreamcast 2 likely EVER yet that does not stop rumors spreading constantly and fans latching on to them every time